Who has changed you?

I had spent my whole life pleasing others…

I was constantly trying to make others happy. There is nothing wrong with that but it is wrong when I denied my feelings.

I have changed who I was to keep friends.

I have done things that I honestly didn't have any desire in doing just to be liked…

I have given up on dreams because I didn't think it would be the right time for the people around me.

I have worried what others would think of me for pursuing them…

Why do we do this? Why is the opinion of someone else so important to us?

But I have learned that it doesn't matter what we do in life there will always be someone that isn't happy.  Someone who thinks you are wrong.

The minute I changed (stopped being a people pleaser)  and started working on myself all those things that I worried about disappeared. All those so called friends disappeared, all those things holding me are gone, I learned it was me,,, I was remaining the same to keep things that weren't part of my life anymore…

We are meant to grow not remain the same!

Point is live your life on your terms… follow your dreams, follow your heart, follow your happiness.. at the end of the day YOU are the one who will have to live with the regret.

BE FREE, do what makes you happy people will criticize anyway.


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