Confessions of an Emotional Binge Eater

My name is Ingrid Anel Santana and I am a recovering Emotional Binge Eater.

If you don’t know what this is you may think it’s an excuse people make to eat. hahaha!
But in all seriousness it sucks. You aren’t even hungry and you want to eat… you eat because it feels good. You eat because it’s comforting!

You eat because it feels like you can control that and give yourself something good. You eat because for a little while you forget what you have going on in life…

But after you are done all that is left is regret.. then the pattern of starving yourself kicks in… You feel that if you starve yourself it’ll makeup for the fact you ate like the world was about to end.

Or you throw up because you are so full that your body’s reaction is to barf.

I have gotten better for the past year and a half I have been on a good streak. I have broken down and stuffed my face like a mad woman but for the most part I have been following my meal plan.

It usually happens when I am grieving Leilani hard, or when I am overwhelmed. But working out and eating healthy has helped even with that.

I will never judge anyone with an eating disorder…it’s not easy there is a reason for it. There is trauma behind it.

I am so glad I made that change! I am so glad I decided to turn it around.

I am here to pay it forward!

I want to help you how I have been helped! If you are ready to make that changeĀ JOIN ME!


Let’s grow together, let’s put a stop to binge-eating, lets put a stop to emotional eating! LET’S GO!!!!!




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