So me being a boy means I am not enough?

Today I took the kids to the doctors. I always get oh how beautiful your kids are. And wow you are such a strong mom.. FOLLOWED BY.. wow three boys? No girls? Wow must be tough. Or wow you really wanted a girl right?

Humanity thank you for always finding my humans beautiful I couldn’t agree more with you… but please please why is it so important what gender they are?

Granted you don’t know I DO have a daughter she’s just in heaven. You have no idea how much your words kill me. You have no idea how I wish I could explain to you that I love my boys more than life itself but I miss my little girl. Apparently you also don’t have any idea that currently you are either born a boy or a girl whatever you decide to do with yourself later is fine.. humanity please can we please stop with “oh I bet your next one will be a girl.”You don’t know that. You don’t know anything just stop.

Humanity please stop it. First off you are bothering me on my grief journey AND YOU ARE ALSO MAKING MY BOYS FEEL LIKE THEY AREN’T ENOUGH BECAUSE THEY AREN’T GIRLS!!!!!

Them not being girls or them being boys has nothing to do with Leilani or them. They are just as special if not more! Those boys are so powerful they are the reason I am alive!

They fought to get to that unfertilized egg and made it. So why you tripping on how many boys I have?

Just stop it. Somethings are better left unsaid. Think before you speak or better yet focus on your grass and leave mine be.

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