Why does society portray that all mothers are perfect?

As I was sitting down watching Pinkalicious, and then Caliou with Langston I realized that all these tv moms are NOT ME…. I don’t always speak so calmly… I don’t always have my shit together. Dude if I can be nice and dress them without doing it wrong in the same moment I won the day!

After talking with a friend, we both venting about moments with our kids it made me realize even more I wasn’t alone.

We don’t all have our shit together and we do lose our cool with our kids! Does that mean we don’t love them? No way… we lose our cool because we do love them and are overwhelmed! Is it okay no it’s not but I find if we apologize and keep it real with our kids they too understand… we just need to learn from our mistakes!

But I will also not be held to this high standard of parenting! That is not me! And I am tired of trying to be something that doesn’t exist!!!!!!!!

The more I try to reach that perfect mama I find I beat myself up even more, in turn I question things even more and then end up losing my shit even more…

There’s no manual! There’s no right or wrong! Parenting is hard work and it’s nothing you can learn without experience! Honestly it’s a daily learning process.

This is for the mom who thinks that she should be the perfect loving mama… you don’t have to be! She does not exist! Just show your kid love and respect all else will follow.

You are doing just fine in this everyday hectic world! You are doing the best you can, stop aiming for something that doesn’t exist… just aim to be BETTER your kids will love you just for that.

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