This isn’t meant to take away from anyone but Every single time I see a #girldad post I get so sad… so if I get sad I can only imagine my husband.

There are so many dads who indeed are #girldad’s you just can’t see their little girls. I know that most men do not speak up as to how they feel. They feel pain and grief just like we do. Although they may show it differently or not show it at all they matter.

I speak for them because my husband is one. He loves his little girl. He mourns his little girl. He wishes he could’ve saved his little girl.

I know he wishes he had that daddy/ daughter relationship that everyone is always raving about. I know he wishes he can spoil her rotten and show her the world.

His arms are full but at the same time empty! He loves his boys more than life itself but he will always long for the little girl he had to say goodbye before saying hello.

So this is for the #girldad that wants to hold his little girl and can’t. I see you. I love you. I appreciate you. I know you love your girl that is gone too soon.

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